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The Ejaculation Mark!
(or Two Characters in Search of a Story)

There was this character Spot (.), who loved the girl character, Post (1). Spot (.) was a boy character naturally. Well they were walking along like this together . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 and having not a bad time at all, but getting nowhere really, when the boy Spot (.) began to get ideas and tried to jump on to Post (1). She didn’t exactly resist him, but nor did she exactly get turned on, and as a result he found sex with her very difficult to bring off. “Hey,” he, Spot (.), said to her, Post (1), “I can’t ejaculate.” Well, she was not only kind, but understanding and loving really. “I have the answer,” she said, “when you try to jump on me it doesn’t work, because you fall off, like this (.1) or like that (1.) , and if you do land right, like this (i), it’s bottom-heavy sort of, what you ought to do is let me get on top of you, like this (!) even if it is a bit perverted and then between us we form an ejaculation mark. He shrieked “Rather!” and tried it out immediately and blimey! %,?,*! and other exclamations and ejaculations, they consummated their match and had two dear little commas (,&,) and lived happily ever after.