Drum magazine

The Church story

A March 1956 spread and detail for the Church story. 'ATTEND THIS CHURCH, says notice at Seventh Day Adventist Church, but Mr DRUM , obeying this, was told to leave and to go and worship in his "own church."" The detail shows Mr DRUM being taken off to the police.

'In February Drum told of the revolt of half-a-million black members within the orthodox white church, and said that because of the "presence of the colour bar within the traditional Christian denominations" these members had left and formed their own sects. The sects were today being labelled unChristian and anti-white. Drum has now conducted a survey to test the attitude of the churches towards apartheid, to find out just how far church policy has improved or deteriorated since the great non'white break-away 69 years ago. Was the white Christain today willing to pray side by side with his black "brother?" Mr. DRUM went to church to find out. His adventures have made headlines.'

Can Themba who walked into the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Johannesburg is hustled out by a hefty church official and frog-marched over to a waiting car. Photo: Jurgen Schadeberg.