about Sylvester

Writing days

The original 2nd Class Taxi book jacket designed by Malcolm Hart

In 1957 while still editor of Drum, Sylvester wrote 2nd Class Taxi, which was published by Faber & Faber in 1958. The book was banned by the then Apartheid South African government when it hit the best seller list. It was unbanned in 1988 when the 2nd edition was published under the AfricaSouth imprint.

The original Old Letch book jacket designed by Malcolm Hart

Old Letch was written on the ship over to England and published in 1959. John Dankworth enjoyed it so much that he, David Dearlove and Sylvester turned it into a musical whose working title was Qwertyuiop. A tape was made of the main numbers, with Cleo Laine starring alongside a session singer and the supporting Stein cast. Alas, it never got produced.

The original What the World Owes me by Mary Bowes book jacket designed by Malcolm Hart

1960 What the World Owes Me by Mary Bowes

Settled in London, Sylvester had a spell in Fleet Street (The News Chronicle and Reynolds News) at the same time pursuing a writing career.

The Bewilderness, some nonsense about Moss was written at this period but wasn't published until 1976.